[Solved] Jaspersoft Studio Glitches on Ubuntu

Yesterday I installed Jaspersoft Studio for the first time in my laptop. I’m using Ubuntu 17.10 as the operating system for my laptop.

I don’t usually work on Jasper Reports. But there was an error in a report on a project that I’m working on that needed to be fixed ASAP.

It was just a little error actually. So I decided to fix it myself. I installed Jaspersoft Studio 6.2.2 in my laptop. Since I’m using Ubuntu, I downloaded the .deb one.

Then I opened up the app. Strangely when I opened my jrxml file, the report design didn’t show up. There was an error message displayed but then it quickly disappeared before I could even read it (but I could quickly take a screenshot of the error message, haha). Moreover, the app itself was running very slowly.

Error opening the jrxml file on Ubuntu 17.10

Error opening the jrxml file on Ubuntu 17.10

So then I tried to download and install the .tgz one, hoping this time it could work. Still there was no luck. It still had the same problem.

I then googled the issue and, thanks God, finally I came accross this article in jaspersoft community forum. Apparently the problem is the app by default is not compatible with the version of GTK+3 used by Ubuntu. Fortunately the solution is easy. We just need to insert the magic words i.e. export SWT_GTK3=0 into the script runubuntu.sh.

export SWT_GTK3=0
DIR=$(dirname "$0")
"$DIR"/Jaspersoft\ Studio $*

Then execute again the script runubuntu.sh. Tadaaa….! Finally it works.

Yayyy... now it can show up

Yayyy… now the report design can show up


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